School Site Council

School Site Council is a committee composed of school personnel, both certificated and classified, and parents or other community members. It provides a forum for the school community to come together to identify common goals and to establish a plan (Single Plan for Student Achievement) to achieve these goals.

School Site Plan for Achievement (SPSA) — Download  English and Spanish

School Site Council Membership 2017-18

At elementary schools, the School Site Council includes the principal, classroom teachers, other school personnel, and parents of students attending the school or other community members. The current make-up of the SSC is as follows:

Name Position
Martha Ladd Principal
Erica Krein Classroom Teacher
Nicole Robinson Classroom Teacher
Sue Samse Classroom Teacher
Lori Malhiot School Staff
Stephanie Duncan Parent or Community
Sofia Marcos Parent or Community
Erendida Gonzalez Parent or Community
Caroline Naito Parent or Community
Principal 1
Classroom Teacher 3
School Staff 1
Parent or Community 4